Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I wrote a story for today's edition of The Bristol Press ( about how the celebration for the city's 225th anniversary will not include fireworks as organizers had planned for months.
The root of the problem seems to be the city's insistence on a certain number of cops on duty, based on what the police say they need.
Chief John DiVenere said he can't compel officers to work on their day off in a non-emergency situation.
Mayor Art Ward is reluctant to pay all the overtime and isn't questioning how many cops are needed or if they are, whether out of town subs could be used for this special event.
According to the 225th committee, the city won't consider alternatives that organizers suggested, like using volunteers, police Explorers, firefighters or rent-a-cops.
It's too bad, especially on the heels of the new downtown deal.

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