Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Joe Keo Brings His Art Home

The man pictured above with the coffee/tea pot is Joe Bun Keo of Bristol, who is kicking off the Young Artists series at the Bristol Historical Society this year. The photo on the right, I believe, is from his show at the University of Hartford, where he graduated last spring and won the school's top prize in sculpture.
There's a reception on Friday at 7, with food, wine, music and best of all, ... Joe and his artwork. I wrote about him and why he never thought he'd have an exhibit in Bristol for Thursday's edition of The Bristol Press, so check it out there, please ( and if you find it at all interesting, support this talented local artist by attending his show. That's Joe down below, too. He's a fine young man, filled with brains and optimism, not to mention a humorous and lively art spirit.
P.S. on Friday morning: The story ran today. Sorry if you looked Thursday and could not find it. Here's the link:
If I could, I would be at Joe's show tonight, but I cannot. I hope he gets a nice turnout, though, with a friendly hometown crowd.
Whatever you think of his art, give him credit for having the guts to put on a show -- and funding it HIMSELF. I should have put in my story that Joe's show is self-funded, but I didn't. Now there are mean and ignorant comments at the end of my story on the Press site griping about how their tax money was used to fund this. Not true. A few of Joe's supporters made donations, but most of the money for the show came from Joe himself. He works full time as a shipping clerk. And donations collected at the show will benefit the Bristol Historical Society, not Joe. (If you want to support Joe, give him your donation directly. And throw a few bucks in the donation box if you can to show the historical society that you're glad they're having a young artist series there.)

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