Monday, June 14, 2010

Fly It With Pride

Happy Flag Day!
Flag Day always reminds me of my dad, so it makes me feel good.
If you have a way to fly Old Glory today, do it.
But if your flag is tattered, torn, faded or worn, please dispose of it properly. There are rules for how to do it correctly. If you don't know how, give your flag to the American Legion, and they'll do it respectfully.
Just don't keep flying it or letting it hang off of your house. It's just wrong to display our flag if it is in poor shape (except for special circumstances that do not include laziness.) That's just shameful and sad.
Please, if you're going to display our flag, do it with pride.


  1. Right on! I'm tired of seeing so many dirty rags pretending to be American flags.

  2. Thanks for reading, and for commenting!