Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Hospital Corporators Named

Bristol Hospital has a great system of bringing in people from the community as corporators. This helps them lock in support, which the community hospital needs in these tough times. Three state lawmakers are among the bunch this year, Bill Hamzy, Betty Boukus and Tom Colapietro. They've also got some doctors, Fire Chief Jon Pose and others.
Corporators endorse nominations for the hospital's board of directors.

Tonight, they're naming 26 new corporators. They are: Sharon Adler, M.D., Rainer Bagdasarian, M.D., Elizabeth Boukus, Amy Breakstone, M.D., William Brownstein, M.D., Lisa Casey, Susan Colapietro, Thomas Colapietro, Robert Cordeau, Richard Croce, Douglas Devnew, Jill Fitzgerald, Todd Fitzsimons, William Hamzy, Kate Houlihan, Jonathan Krumeich, M.D., Peter Longo, Joseph Ofusu, R.Ph., Donna Osuch, Jon Pose, Susan Scully, Robert Sener, Kenneth Sheptoff, Kathi Sorey, Susan Sylvestre, and Derek Werner, Esq.

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