Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What makes the Bristol Blog so darned special?

Dear readers,
Do I even have any readers? The Bristol Blog has readers and it's all doom and negativity! Where are you, readers? What's the Bristol Blog got that I ain't got? Come on, is it really that great?
Stay tuned and maybe I'll spill some beans about the Bristol Blog.
-- Jackie


  1. The Bristol Blog is so yesterday. Extra Big Scoop is so today!

  2. Bristol Blog is inhabited by three cranky republicans, three ex-mayors, one current mayor, three councilpersons, two ex-councilpersons, two union leaders and four city hall employees. It is stale, boring and vicious.

    But be careful what you wish for. Before you know it Positively Wrong, anomonoius WestConn Stoodent and Joey Garlic will be sullying the pages of your pristine and professional blog.

    Leave the loonies to Steve and work to attract only bloggers with nice attitudes and IQs in the triple digit range.

  3. I can see I'm off to a good start if I have you, Sergeant!