Saturday, February 20, 2010

Best of the Home Show, Saturday Edition

The best thing today at the Bristol Home and Business Show, which I could have told you yesterday except I'm not psychic, is, hands down, I mean hands on, a chair massage offered (and gratefully accepted, especially by me!) from Kimberly Scholl Laurie, a licensed massage therapist with the Bristol Hospital Wellness Center. She spent a few hours on Saturday giving free chair massages out of the goodness of her heart -- and a little desire to drum up some business.
Anyway, anytime I can get a nice shoulder massage, my day is sooooo much better. So thanks, Kimberly! I'm sure she won a lot of friends today. She said a colleague will be at the Bristol Hospital booth on Sunday, so stop by and maybe you, too, can feel better.
The hospital booth, by the way, has some of the best giveaways.... bookmarks that are also magnifiers, lip balm, pens, really good magnets. I'm telling you, they go beyond the jar opener.
The Mum Festival Committee seemed to be a great draw. I have a medically restricted diet, so I can't eat any of what they were selling, but the nice folks there told me business was brisk. Hot dogs and salads were the big sellers, though probably not sold to the same customers.
I wrote about the show today in a story for The Bristol Press, which will be in Sunday's paper and probably online at
I'm going back to the show again Sunday to see the Bristol Reunion Jazz Band. If you love music, be there at 1 p.m. because these guys can play.

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