Monday, February 1, 2010

Young Journalists at ESPN Last Week

Last week when I went to ESPN to listen to the Soweto Gospel Choir, I wasn't alone. Three students from Youth Journalism International came along, as did a new YJI editor and my YJI co-founder ( Here's a picture of us in front of the big display at ESPN that shows the flags of all the countries involved in the FIFA World Cup this summer. At the top, which is not pictured, is a countdown clock showing the remaining days and hours until the first game. ESPN not only knows how to treat us visitors (very nicely), they also know how to fire up employees. Pictured are, from left, Katie Jordan of Bristol, a YJI alum who is now lending a hand as an editor (avid readers may remember her from her many years writing for The Tattoo); Becca Lazarus, Kiernan Majerus-Collins, Laquandria Fenn, Steve Collins and yours truly. The kids did a great job writing about the Soweto Gospel Choir, especially since they were so mesmerized that it was hard to take notes, and especially since it was Becca and Laquandria's first reporting adventure. I have to say thanks here to ESPN for always treating my students with respect and kindness. The pieces the kids wrote, as well as something by an English boy, Patrick Hinton, about life on a military base, today in The Tattoo international teen newspaper. (

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