Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Larson Plans Bristol Senior Center Stop

Congressman John Larson's coming to Bristol next Friday morning. If you're available and interested, his "listening tour" is open to all. Here's what I wrote for The Bristol Press ( about it:

BRISTOL – As part of an effort to listen to the concerns of his constituents, Congressman John Larson will visit the senior center in Bristol next week to share information, field questions and hear comments.
Larson, an East Hartford Democrat whose district includes Bristol, will be at the Beals Senior and Community Center at 11:30 a.m. Friday, Feb. 20.
Paul Mounds, a spokesman for Larson, said the event is open to the public, not just seniors, and will last an hour, or more if necessary.
“The congressman loves to go out in the district and hear from his constituents directly,” said Mounds. “He’s very much looking forward to coming out to Bristol.”
In a prepared statement, Larson said he could best serve seniors and other district residents by listening to their comments and applying it to his work in Washington.
In Bristol, Larson will give a legislative update, Mounds said, of new laws and pending legislation of particular interest to seniors.
One key issue that Larson may discuss is the economy and the federal stimulus program, which increased the federal match for Medicaid, which helps low-income seniors in long-term care and gave $250 to everyone who receives Social Security.
Mounds said Larson might also talk about the new law, the “Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights” that protects consumers by banning certain rate increases, fees and penalties and another new law protecting consumers from financial fraud and mortgage scams.
Mounds said Larson may also talk about a bill passed in the House, the Medicare Premium Fairness Act, that would prevent a rise in the 2010 Medicare Part B premiums.
Initially, Larson had been scheduled to visit Bristol on Monday, Mounds said, but instead he will be at a funeral for Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha, who died February 8.
Mounds said Larson is looking forward to seeing as many constituents as possible and is interested in hearing their comments and questions.
“The whole forum will be dedicated to that,” said Mounds.
The Bristol stop is part of a “listening tour” that Larson is doing in the district, specifically for seniors. He will bring his “Seniors Update” pamphlet with information on how his office can help with Social Security and Medicare issues. It also includes an update on legislation of interest to seniors.
The senior center is at 240 Stafford Ave., Bristol.

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