Monday, February 22, 2010

Opponents use LinkedIn to Fight Busway

Here's what Mike Nicastro, president of the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce posted on a LinkedIn chamber group. He's trying to get a discussion going, and is making a call to action. Thought I'd pass it along:

Say "no" to the Busway!
Central CT Chambers of Commerce Say "no" to the 9.4 mile, $573 million Busway and "yes" to a multi-city, lower cost regional rail system. With taxpayer's dollars needing to stretch farther and with the threat of $5.00 per gallon gas always looming we need to tell our elected officials at both federal and state level that we expect them, to make far ...better investments in our transporation infra-structure. While we waste time and precious capital on a 9 mile bus road, Massachusetts continues to pile up over $100 million in rail specific funding for rail renewal. Unlike what we have been told that such projects would take 10 years to do, the Massachusetts project in the Pioneer Valley was launched in June of 2008 and is already studied, deisgned and funded. All in 18 short months. Please see the attachments and links for more information and please contact our elected officials ASAP.

I didn't see any attachments, but if you contact Mike, I'm sure he'd send them to you.

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