Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hamzy Kids are Big Winners in this Race

Too bad for Bristol and Plymouth; Bill Hamzy decides against a run for attorney general. The winners? Hamzy's two beautiful children, who won't lose their dad to a grueling campaign. I can't say I blame him. Here's what I wrote for The Bristol Press (www.bristolpress.com) after talking with Bill today:

BRISTOL – After seriously mulling a run for state attorney general, Rep. Bill Hamzy said Tuesday he’s decided against it.
Hamzy, a Plymouth Republican who represents Bristol, said that when he thought about the reality of a run for statewide office, he realized he couldn’t do it.
“If I’m going to do it, and do it right, it’s going to be a full time job,” said Hamzy.
Though he is a former state Republican Party chairman, Hamzy said he’s not that well known outside his district and would have to work that much harder on a campaign.
He’s already a sole practitioner in his own law office and has legislative duties. Even though he wouldn’t be running for the legislature if he sought the attorney general’s seat, Hamzy said, he’d still have work to do for his district.
Besides that, Hamzy and his wife Anita have two young children who also deserve his time.
“Most nights, I’d have to be out. I wouldn’t be able to see my kids,” Hamzy said.
Hamzy said he had key supporters – his wife and his mother – “totally on board.” Other family members and friends across the state also offered to back him, Hamzy said.
“I got a lot of encouragement from friends all over the place,” said Hamzy. “I was flattered.”
Hamzy clearly found the prospect tempting.
“As a person who has continuously practiced law in Bristol for the past 17 years representing individuals from all walks of life, I would thoroughly enjoy being the attorney who represents the people of the state of Connecticut,” Hamzy said.
Hamzy said he wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a future run for statewide office, especially after his children are older.
“I’d certainly consider it,” he said. “I really would love to do it.”
Most lawyers who are in public office now or had been in the past would look upon the job favorably, Hamzy said.
“You have a chance to do some pretty good things.”

8 p.m. postscript -- T.J. Barnes just sent me this comment: "Bristol and Plymouth are lucky to still have Bill represent them in Hartford and while I would love to see Bill run for AG, I am very happy to have him where he is right now because he is a very thoughtful and dedicated public servant to his constituents. "

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