Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Best Wishes to Jennifer Janelle

Jennifer Janelle, a board member of the Bristol Downtown Development Corp., an environmental attorney and a devotedBristol mother of two, was married over the weekend to her beau Don Arasimowicz.

He was her high school sweetheart (collective "awwww....)
I found out about it from looking at my husband Steve Collin's facebook page. He's facebook friends with Jennifer and that's why I got to see the happy couple posing for the photographer. She was looking stunning and he was looking ... right at her, of course!

I am not on facebook and wouldn't post her photo here if I was, unless she said it was okay.

“He and I dated in high school and after painful divorces, ended up back together” about two years ago, she told me in February for a profile I wrote of her published back then in The Bristol Press. “We’re happy. Things are good.”

It seems that things are even better now.
Congratulations, best wishes and a rose to the happy couple.

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