Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pastor at Church St. Matthew Dies in Bermuda

The Rev. Brian Monnerat, pastor of the Church of St. Matthew, died last night in Bermuda, church members told me. He was on a cruise with family and friends.
Parishioners described a dedicated priest and overall great guy who loved people and the church.
My heart goes out to everyone at St. Matthew. It isn't the first time the parish has lost a young pastor before his time.
Last month, the congregation marked the 11th anniversary of the brutal killing of the Rev. Robert Lysz in the church sanctuary by Michael Ouellette, a mentally troubled man.
Fr. Monnerat was the pastor named to take Fr. Lysz' place after his death in 1999.
I'm working on a story for tomorrow's edition of The Bristol Press about Fr. Monnerat.
My sympathies to St. Matthew's staff and congregation.


  1. Rest In Peace Father

  2. My prayers go out to the Monnerat family.
    God Bless you!