Friday, July 30, 2010

What Wheezy Windbag May Appear at the Croc

I'm not sure why the story I wrote yesterday for The Bristol Press about Ray Dunaway hosting this year's Crococile Club didn't make it into today's paper.
I think it's pretty interesting news.
It's not on the Press website yet, either, and I'm not supposed to reproduce stories on the blog, so I'll just give you a little bit of it.
Ray Dunaway plays the accordian. He might, and I say MIGHT, mind you, bring his up out of the basement, dust it off and bring it to Lake Compounce for the big event.
That would be sooo cool!
There are places an accordian really fits in, and the Crocodile Club is one of them.
I hope this year's Crocodile Club president (that's you, Ray!) brings his squeezebox to the Starlite Ballroom and favors us all with a tune.
In case you didn't hear, the revived club will meet again this year on Tuesday, Aug. 31. It's a benefit for the New England Carousel Museum and tickets are $50, available through the museum.

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