Friday, July 2, 2010

Plaza Wants Farmers to Have Massive Insurance Policy to Sell Veggies

The city's farmers' market is moving out of downtown to Route 6 in the Bristol Commons, the plaza with Price Chopper as the anchor.
At least that's the verbal agreement the farmers have with the plaza owners, but it's only for one date -- next Wednesday, July 7.
The plaza owners, who operate out of New York, told the farmers they weren't satisfied with the $2 million insurance policy the farmers had. They wanted ANOTHER $5 million on top of that.
Farmer Ray Lemaire said that's ridiculous -- they're not shooting rockets, they're selling tomatoes, he told me.
So without the extra insurance, the farmers are set for one day. We'll probably learn next week whether the move is for the season or just for one day.
I wrote about this today for The Bristol Press ( It will probably run sometime over the weekend, so if you want to read more, check out the newspaper or its website.

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