Wednesday, July 21, 2010

YJI Delivers on Acadia, Bastille Day and Brisbane

Another stellar package from my students at Youth Journalism International is online now at, an independent, online teen newspaper that wholeheartedly supports YJI.
This time, it's a travel issue, with photos from Bastille Day in Paris from Caroline Nelissen of the Netherlands that are really something and a hometown article about Brisbane, Australia from a local girl, Nancy Hsu, with some photos showing life in that city Down Under. Finally, there's a lot of photos and an article about Acadia, where the Obamas went on vacation last weekend. That one was penned by my son Kiernan. Photos are by him and my daughter, Mary. Apparently wherever my family goes for a getaway becomes so cool that the First Family also wants to check it out the following weekend.
Incidently, my husband Steve Collins and I have been working with young reporters since 1994, long before we had kids. Now that our children are adolescents and taller than we are, to say we've been doing this work since before they were born kind of makes my head spin.
Of course, watching our former students graduate, marry and have children of their own has the same effect.
Check out for more information on YJI. If you're on facebook, please become a fan of YJI and then you can read all the clever things Steve posts!

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