Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blog Boredom

Hey readers,
Bristol Blogging King Steve Collins says the chamber's new blog is boring.
I didn't even mention the chamber's blog to all of you because I'm bored with blogging.
I don't like the kind of comments Steve gets on his blog (some are intelligent, but... well, if you read them, you'll know what I mean), so I'm not exactly jealous, but then, without hardly any comments at all on Extra B.S., it's hard to believe that anyone is reading. At least Steve knows he has readers, sort of.
I run out of steam because this blogging stuff feels like a lot of Extra B.S. to me when there's no response from the blogosphere.
Steve said the chamber's blog is boring because it hadn't been updated in a week. Extra B.S. is worse -- no posts since March 23 -- but maybe Steve has more compassion for me, given that he knows how hard concentration has been in recent weeks with my stuffy head, or maybe he wrote off Extra B.S. a long time ago.
I'll give it another go, though. I'm not quitting.


  1. More people read blogs than post. Like me I look at your blog but haven't really posted. Steve's blog is filled with nasty people who would rather name call that engage in an actual conversation about a topic. It looks like even Steve is sick of it and has not been posted lately. I do enjoy reading both of your stories. A fan.

  2. Hang in ther Jackie. The Chamber Blog is here to stay and we will get the membership using it on a regular basis at some point. Just need to keep working it. We could always consider an alliance?

  3. Thank you both for your encouraging words.