Friday, April 9, 2010

Just Another Day at ESPN

I'm back from another pleasant visit to ESPN. This time, I toured their newest and largest (and greenest) building -- very cool. Then they upstaged their own story, which included a visit by Gov. Jodi Rell, by holding an irresistable event.
They invited several Bristol girls who play high school basketball onto the campus as part of a celebration of the WNBA draft. Top WNBA draft picks were on hand to share their thoughts with the high school girls, who were thrilled to hear what they had to say and really excited to be inside ESPN.
I talked to almost all of the Bristol girls and none of them had set foot inside ESPN, ever.
Hats off to ESPN for opening that door for those hometown girls and offering support for women's basketball over the years.
The future WNBA stars impressed me as thoughtful, appreciative and quite generous in what they shared with the Bristol girls. I walked away impressed with every one of them.

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