Monday, April 19, 2010

Earth Day is April 22

The biggest Earth Day event in Bristol is the annual walk through the Hoppers-Birge Pond Nature Preserve and this year is no different. If you're free on Sunday afternoon and it's not raining (rain cancels the event) head over to the Hoppers for a nice hike through the city's special preserve and check out the kettles formed during the last Ice Age. Bring the kids, bring your dog (on a leash!). It's a rigorous route, but Jean Letourneau, who leads the hike, will have some mercy if you ask him to slow down. This committee, made up of the same good people, has been doing this annual hike for more than 20 years -- 20 YEARS -- so they know what they're doing. You'll be in good hands.
Come Sunday night, you'll all have a wonderful night's rest.
This isn't a hike for pretty shoes, by the way. Wear something sturdy and get out there and enjoy one of the loveliest spots and views in town. The improvements are all finished there, and Patrica White, who co-chairs the city's Hoppers-Birge Pond Committee along with Letourneau, says it's pretty nice. The last time I was there, I was struck by the new sign but I don't think all the work was finished. I've taken this hike many times, and I can tell you it is an afternoon well spent.
I wrote about the hike and the improvements to the nature preserve for Tuesday's edition of The Bristol Press. Read the whole story at

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