Sunday, April 25, 2010

Why I Love Readers

I wrote a story for the Bristol Press, which I also put on this blog, about how Carolyn Norton was looking for an old Lake Compounce logo to use as the basis for an etching on the gravestone of her late husband, Stretch Norton, a former mayor of Bristol and a lifelong lover of Lake Compounce, which was founded, owned and operated by his family for generations.
Anyway, not long after my story appeared, a couple of readers -- I believe both are from out of state -- produced this logo.
I'm not sure if this is what Mrs. Norton is looking for, but I suspect it may well be. If anyone out there has anything else, please send it to me. She thought the logo had the outline of Compounce Mountain on it, and three rides -- the carousel, roller coaster and Ferris wheel, but she could be mistaken. It's also possible that there's another old logo out there.
In any case, if you have anything different, send it along to me at and I will make sure she gets it.
Thanks so much to those who found this one. Even if it's not what she was looking for, I know Mrs. Norton will be grateful for the effort expended on her behalf.

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