Thursday, April 22, 2010

Guess Who Else Is From New Britain?

Mary Glassman came to town early Thursday to chat it up with chamber types over some coffee. She's a Democrat and is Simsbury's first selectman and hopes to win the party's nomination for governor.
A UConn grad who put herself through college and law school, Glassman focused on education, and noted that her kids are students at three prestigious schools: Yale, Tufts and soon, Johns Hopkins. She said none of her children or their friends has any interest in living in Connecticut, which she said is losing its best and brightest minds for lack of opportunity.
Along with education, Glassman cited regionalization of town services, affordable housing, transportation and fiscal discipline as important to Connecticut’s future.
As for the rail vs. busway issue, she said she's been a big proponent of rail going back to 1991. After some years of pushing and not getting the rail projet they wanted, she and others from the Capitol Region Council of Governments heard from the DOT that if they ever wanted any project to go forward, they better give up on rail and get on board the busway. The rail project they wanted at the time was a line from the Hartford-Springfield airport to downtown Hartford. It was a fascinating tale. She said she still would rather see rail than a busway and if elected, would move the funds if it is possible.

Another interesting moment this morning came right away, when Glassman, who is originally from New Britain, introduced herself and asked the small crowd at the chamber if anyone else hailed from her hometown.
Only former Mayor Bill Stortz raised his hand.
“Nobody usually admits that,” said Glassman.

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