Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ESPN Aims for World Domination

You never know what news is going to break at a nice little awards ceremony.
There I was, listening to all the chatter about how wonderful Connecticut is, how fabulous its people are and best of all, how terrific ESPN is. I was lulled into a complacent slumber until BAM! I heard something that made my hair stand on end.
They're taking their claim as the Worldwide Leader in Sport a little too seriously, I'm afraid.
With my own ears that so far haven't failed me, I heard ESPN television host Trey Wingo say that they're aiming for world domination.
Need more proof?
Next to be announced, Wingo said, is "ESPN The Thursday."
It's a pattern, people. They've got ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPN News, ESPN Radio, ESPN International, and ESPN The Magazine.
Now they've got a Genius of Connecticut statuette from the governor and there's no stopping them.

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