Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Egyptian Girl Chronicles Ramadan

Jessica Elsayed, a teenager in Alexandria, Egypt, is writing a Ramadan journal for Youth Journalism International, where she is one of my students.
Jessica is the kind of kid that makes you smile every time you get a note from her. She's so excited about life, about writing, about her future. Right now, she's thinking a lot about college, which comes for her next year.
She's been doing a good job of writing regularly during Ramadan, which is the Muslim holy month. As a Muslim, she's expected to be fasting for Ramadan from dawn to dusk. She starts the journal explaining what Ramadan is and is exploring other related topics as it goes along.
It's interesting reading. If you check it out, I bet you'll see why I'm so proud of Jessica and the rest of my hardworking young journalism students at YJI.
They give me good reason to believe in our future.
Here's the link:

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