Saturday, August 28, 2010

Foley May Attend Croc

Tom Foley, Republican candidate for governor, told me recently that he's still figuring out whether he'll be able to make the Crocodile Club on Tuesday at Lake Compounce.
The Crocodile Club, an institution in Connecticut politics, will be Tuesday, Aug. 31 at the Starlite Ballroom at the park. It's being revived this year after ending in 2003. The New England Carousel Museum, which will benefit from any proceeds, is bringing it back.
I contacted both Foley and his Democratic opponent, Dan Malloy, to see if either of the candidates for governor will be at the dinner, and Foley answered right away. He didn't have a definitive answer but he got back to me and promised to follow up.
Something I really like about Tom Foley is that not only is he pleasant in person, each time I've reached out to him, he's responded pretty quickly and with a great deal of courtesy.
I know candidates are generally more responsive than seated officials, but my experience with Foley makes me think that if I had a question for Governor Foley, I'd be able to get an answer, from him.
That's not the case now with Gov. Rell. She's friendly when I see her in person, but there's no way to ask her anything directly if we're not eye to eye. 
I haven't heard from Malloy yet. He's always very friendly in person, but getting an answer otherwise hasn't been easy. I'll let you know when I hear again from either of them.
I hope they both decide to attend. It'll be a better event for it, and they'll have fun.

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