Friday, August 13, 2010

Renaissance Offers 3-D 'Fly Through' Downtown

Renaissance Downtowns, the Long Island company that is working to re-create downtown Bristol, has a new website up. It's got a cool, 3D feature that you might like to check out.
Here's what they sent me about it:

Renaissance Downtowns at Bristol has launched a website to keep community members up to date and informed about the redevelopment efforts. The website, which can be found at will provide information and status updates about the project as well as some additional background information on Renaissance Downtowns and their comprehensive and holistic approach to downtown redevelopment.

The website includes a 3D animated “fly through” of what a revitalized downtown Bristol could look and feel like as well as renderings that are available for the public to view.

As the development efforts progress, additional information will be provided on the website including the significant benefits that the Bristol community will receive from the implementation of a comprehensive and holistic downtown redevelopment. Visitors to the website can also learn about the “Smart Growth” philosophy that is a key component of Renaissance’s development approach along with a listing of news and events regard both downtown Bristol and Renaissance Downtowns.

The site will also inform the public as to the significant pent up demand for downtown living options. It is this underlying market demand that will provide the ability for Bristol to reap significant economic and social rewards from its comprehensive downtown redevelopment efforts.

The website also provides community members an opportunity to have their voice heard. Residents can send suggestions to the Renaissance team that will be valuable in moving the development process forward with participation from concerned residents.

“The launch of the website is an important component of our open and transparent process. The site is a tool for both education and outreach and we hope it will be utilized by local residents to remain on top of the redevelopment efforts for their downtown” said Brandon Palanker, director of marketing and public affairs for Renaissance.

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