Monday, August 16, 2010

New Play By Press Booster

I just learned today that a new play called "Gray Matters" will be produced this fall in Hartford by the Emerson Theater Collaborative.
The play is by Connecticut playwright Jacques Lamarre, who works promoting the Mark Twain House and Museum in Hartford.
I happen to know Jacques, who in a previous life also worked promoting both Hartford Stage and Theater Works, two awesome theaters in Hartford. He's a terrific guy with a great sense of humor, a strong faith (I once heard him deliver a sermon, but that's another story) and also a wonderful sense of community.
He was one of the people who helped put together the screening of the documentary about near demise of The Bristol Press early this year at the Twain House. For that alone, he deserves a pat on the back.
But Jacques, who is, shall we say, a little zealous about pushing whatever organization he's working for, has never told me about his own plays.
"Gray Matters," which premiered in New York at the Midtown International Theater Festival over the summer and then played in Mystic this month, runs in Hartford from September 9-11.
According to the Emerson Theater Collaborative, which serves youth, underserved communities and artists in Southeastern Connecticut, the play is a topical new comedy that focuses on what happens to an uninsured, unemployed actor when she loses her memory.
The show will be at the Charter Oak Cultural Center in Hartford.Information and tickets for "Gray Matters" can be obtained by visiting Tickets are $25 ($23 for students and seniors).

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