Friday, August 13, 2010

I Goofed

When I wrote about the Democratic primary in the race for registrar of voters late Tuesday night, I made a mistake and misidentified someone I spoke with at the Democratic victory party.
I wrote in a story that appeared on the front page of The Bristol Press and also in a blog post here that Don Padlo was a supporter of Elliot Nelson. I quoted him saying some things about the close race against Mary Rydingsward.
The trouble is that Don Padlo wasn't there. First of all, he's a Republican and doesn't support Nelson. Secondly, he was at the hospital having surgery on his eyes. (He's okay now.)
Padlo is one of Bristol's representatives on the Central Connecticut Regional Planning Agency board. I know him, but I still wrote his name by mistake instead of the name of the man I spoke with at the Democratic party.
I've apologized to both of them and I believe a correction ran in the paper.
Making mistakes like this, as Padlo graciously told me, is human. I chalk it up to sheer exhaustion, but I still feel lousy about it.
One of the things about being a reporter is that your productivity, accuracy and fairness is out there everyday for the whole world to see. So when I make a blunder, it's especially embarassing.
I've been off for a few days and am only getting to this now, but I felt it needed to be said.

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  1. Buck up young lady. We all suffer brainial misfires from time to time. Hopefully you are rested and ready to tackle the next ticking time bomb that will rattle Bristol to its core. Smile :)